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Helping just some of the 1.5 million children currently living on the streets throughout Egypt.

Mercy Ministries Abroad



2017-21 Orphanage Project

Psalm 113:7-8  

“God takes the poor from the dust & lifts the needy up out of the ash heap, & sets them in places of Princes.”

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Preparing a Home for both Orphans & Street Children living throughout Egypt.

Offering a safe family environment  along with an Education equipping them for integration within society & hopes for an amazing future.

Plus Integrating a Conference Center, Missions Training Facility & Discipleship School

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According to the Word of God, it is a promise of God to lift up the poor from the ash heap & set them in places of Princes, which is where we first got the idea to build a Home & complex that would not simply give a roof over the heads of the orphans of Egypt, but also give them 100 fold above what they have experienced thus far.

For I hear a whisper from our heavenly Father, do not treat them as Orphans,

but treat them as Kings.

We often give of what we have left over as Christians, but the Lord has always asked us to give our first fruit, the very best of the crops to Him. So it only makes sense to give to the poor & the needy our best also, for they are His & He watches over them with special care.

As the Kingdom of Heaven truly fulfills its destiny on earth, this is just the beginning of the things we shall see, where the first will be last & the last will be first, the least at the top, & those at the top in the place of the least.

Where the mountains shall be made low & the valleys lifted high.

For His ways are not our ways nor His thoughts like our thoughts!

So why not have the poor of the earth living in Castles equipped for Princes.

Come with us on this journey, as we give our lives to

seeing this project fulfilled.

Sharing the stories thus far.

Visiting other Orphanages

Speaking to the children in the streets

Visiting the land Owners

Learning the cultures restrictions


                                                    1)-Land Purchase.                          

                            2)-Land Prep & Water Bore installation.

3)-Fence construction + Connections to local electricity supply, along with Generator back up.

4)-First building Initiated for on site Builders, Guards & Site Manager

1)-Second Building Initiated, Including 1 Large Kitchen, Dinning Hall to seat 120-180 Children, Volunteer staff & Guests. Office Entrance, Elevator lift for wheel chair access to all levels, 3 Bedroom Managers Flat, Dorms & Guests Rooms to suit 40 beds>max 60 beds.  Including 22 toilets & 8 showers, 1 Large Roof Top Laundry. 4 large class rooms, 4 small Libraries & study areas, One large Church Hall & Conference Center

( In Accommodating Guest Rooms & Building A Conference Center we will be hoping to help cover future running costs

& provide a safe future for the children’s home. )

Orphanage Project for 2017-21

Building a New Home for Orphans & Street Children

~Set on 3 Acres of Desert land in Egypt.

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