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Preparing a Home for both Orphans & Street Children living throughout Egypt.

Offering a safe family environment  along with an Education equipping them for integration within society & hopes for an amazing future.

Helping just some of the 1.5 million children currently living on the streets throughout Egypt.

Mercy Ministries Abroad



2017-21 Orphanage Project

Psalm 113:7-8  

“God takes the poor from the dust & lifts the needy up out of the ash heap, & sets them in places of Princes.”

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Project Donations & Child Sponsorship

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We are believing God for financial partners to join with us in this vision. We cannot do it alone. If the Lord puts this project on your heart we would love to hear from you. Email us or hit the Donate link below. This is not an insignificant project. No gift is ever too small or too large. The issue, as always, is obedience to the voice of God.

For those who would rather sponsor a child even though the building is not yet started.

Child Sponsorship is available, but during the 1st stage of the building being prepared for the children, all funds will go to children on the streets to supply food packages, schooling fees, & temporary accommodation where possible.

~ Bringing together corporate fellowship in

serving the poor Internationally.

~ Breaking through the barriers in Christ’s Name

* for Direct Deposit Payments -Please send your request by email to dpo@thewordtotheworld.com

PAYPAL & Credit Cards

Building Project

Called the


Seeking to set Orphans in the places of Princes, as promised in Psalms 113:7-8