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View from Mount Sinai 2008
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Stories, Pictures, News updates & Prayer request from Christian brothers & sisters inside some of the Nations of Persecution.
Here are some of the most powerful & challenging teachings on the net I have come across:
(For those who haven’t the time to search through them). I have posted links to some of my favorites, to encourage you the most. I hope you find them as challenging & life changing as I have.
From William Carrol-Time Square Church New York

The Bridge from the Table to the Cross ~Open Parts 1,2&4 in the WHY COMMUNION series: (this is a message on Gethsemane that each believer must take) not for the faint hearted, but for the driven, who desire the deeper things of God.

Overcoming the great temptation (On what is the great temptation for the church in the last days?)

Key to Successful Failure (The mysteries behind satan sifting you as wheat.)
From Carter Conlon -Time Square Church, New York:

Beware of Smiting the Rock (Unveiling the reason for God’s anger at Moses for hitting the rock the second time, & the warning for us)

 Passing Through The Gates Of Betrayal (A must for healing for all to get past the hurts & blows received within the church.)
To “The Word To The World” ~  Sharing words from the Lord’s people from all over the world.
A scribe for the voices of God though small & without fame, often just voices of one’s
calling in the desert -“Prepare ye the way of the Lord”

Below you will find words of wisdom shared from the hearts of brothers & sisters in Christ
throughout the Kingdom of God.

May they bless you as they have I

Isaiah 55:11 “So is my Word that goes out from My mouth; It will not return
to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire & achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”

Unlimited permission to copy and post or reprint without altering text or profit gain is hereby granted subject to credits and inclusion of this web address: ~However, for items linked only from other web sites and marked Copyright, you should contact the original publisher for permission to reproduce.
Double Edged Sword Broken by God
Words of wisdom from a young man & “Friend” who carries a mantle as Watchman & Prayer Warrior in the Nation of Egypt.
Power of the double edged sword in prayer:
May your prayer times be changed in the knowledge of the double edged sword & your place in the heavens to use it.
Two things are changed in our time of prayer: First the Word changes our hearts, (as we are willing to ask & be changed by it.) & then & only then on inviting the Holy Spirit to have His way with us can we see the Word change secondly the atmosphere around us,  (as we are willing to continue to be guided by Him in the promises of God.)

The First side of the double edged sword has a power over the hearts of men, & the second side has a power over the spiritual realms in heaven & on the earth.
Read Baptism Of Fire

So many have spoken on: What is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?

Here is a message that will dig deeper into the Baptism
& its fullness through the Fire & finally linking into the 7 Spirit’s ~ The MENORAH!

No longer will you see the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as simple as
 “Speaking in Tongues.”

When God breaks you, when He even breaks your faith!
A message for walking through the darkness to come.
1 Peter 2:3-" Now that you have tasted that the Lord is good." -move onto maturity.
By God's grace there is a time for all to be childlike with the Lord, & He in this time is a joyful & playful Father, lavishing His gifts on you, & spoiling you. What a blessed time this is for all of God's children, a time to taste & see that the Lord is good & faithful.
I look back at a time, when all I asked for from the Lord was given. One prayer that stands out, was that of asking for 50mm of rain, to support our garden through the drought, whilst traveling away. It was a childish prayer, with childish anticipation from both sides, first for myself in receiving, and then also for the Lord, on delivering the answer, and so returning the joy.
Read Egypt
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